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Sensei John (4th Degree)
(Adult and Children's head instructor - Owner) 

Sensei John Lutz graduated from Lackawanna High School in 1974 excelling in football and several other sports. After graduation, he joined Alcor Envelope in 1975 as a die cutter and through the years eventually advanced to Plant Manager. Sensei John managed six supervisors and over 80 employees. Six years after the company was sold to National Envelope, he decided to retire. Today, Sensei John owns and operates North Boston Liquors and The Craft Beer and Wine Pub with his wife Karen.
 They have four children and seven grand children, six of which are involved in the martial arts.

Sensei John started his Martial arts training Back in high school and stopped training after a few years, than in 2002 when he took his two grandsons to a little ninja class at an area martial arts school. He decided that he wanted to experience the art with his grandsons and soon redeveloped a love for the martial arts.
 Soon thereafter, he decided to make it a life-long practice. At 63 years of age he truly believes that the martial arts is a way to stay healthy and mentally aware.

Sensei John is the owner of Crossroads Martial Arts. The dojo ran as a full time school for 8 years. It was decided after a hip replacement that the school would be closed down and ran as a private club only.

Sensei John accomplishments:
2005 I.W.K.A World Championships. 1st. place kumite (sparring), 2nd. place Hand kata and
2nd. place Weapons kata


Sensei Bailey is our first junior instructor at Crossroads Martial Arts.
Bailey started martial arts at the young age 3, he is now 17 years old and is sensei John's number 1 student. Bailey is a great example of what a child can accomplish with hard work and dedication.

Bailey attends Frontier High school and is currently on the honor roll. He also enjoys playing the saxaphone in the school band.

Bailey enjoys helping teach and is becoming a great asset to our DoJo. Bailey presently holds the rank of Black belt.

Bailey also studies Aikido at Defensive Arts Dojo.

Bailey knows all the Isshin ryu hand kata's and weapons kata's, Sensei Bailey is also Sensei John's Grandson. 


  Sensei Tom Lanham: Shodan 

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