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Grandmaster Dr. Philip Lee

Grandmaster Dr. Philip Lee, the esteemed owner and founder of CrossRoads Martial Arts Center in Corinth, Mississippi, boasts an impressive martial arts career spanning 58 years. With a prestigious rank of 10th Degree achieved in 2012, Dr. Lee's extensive martial arts expertise includes backgrounds in judo, jujitsu, tae kwon do, kenpo, and krav maga.

Dr. Lee is a distinguished member of the martial arts community, having been inducted into the AMAAF Who's Who in Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Masters and Pioneers in Martial Arts, and the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He has also been featured in the "World's Greatest Martial Artist" Volume 16 publication and the "American Martial Arts Alliance Foundation Martial Arts Extraordinaire Biography Book."

Dr. Lee specializes in helping others attain their highest potential by promoting good physical, mental, and emotional health through martial arts.

Major Achievements

1973 - Opened first commercial Karate studio

1978 - Owned 4 commercial studios

1990 - First year promoting an open karate tournament

2000 - Awarded 5 Star Diamond from United Professionals

2007 - Martial Artist of the Year/Alliance

2009 - Instructor of the Year/Alliance

2009 - Received Doctorate in Martial Arts Science

2010 - US Martial Arts Hall of Fame/Tae Kwon Do Master

2012 - Received 10th Dan/Grandmaster/Soke

2018 - Became member of Black Belt Schools International

2019 - Inducted into the Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers Book

2020 - Became a lifetime member of PKA Worldwide

2020 - Inducted into Karate Museum Hall of Fame

Contact Us

Office: (662) 286-2904

Cell: (731) 439-3197

1407 N Harper Road, Corinth, MS